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Videos for Teaching about Community Practice

Here are some more recommendations from an query into "Videos about Community Practice to be used in teaching" on the COMM-ORG Listserv, fall 2009.

Online Videos Suggested by COMM ORG and ACOSA Members

Leo Romero of OurBlocks

1. We have been browsing youtube for such videos, and are building a
collection here Maybe you'll find something
you can use, or something that can lead you to something you can use. I
hope to see your list soon, thanks for sharing. Note: This site has
links to 39 YouTube videos

Shinichi Murota Doshisha University, Japan

1. Make the Road NY is probably the most active and powerful grassroots
organization in NYC today.

2. Time's Up is a bicycle rider's organization whose activity is
basically a public ride to advocate for greener streets and riders
friendly urban planning.

3. Common Ground is a famous community development project for homeless.
Their approach is not quite "social work" per say, but they have made
some impacts in the community.

Ben MacConnell,Direct Action & Research Training Center,

1. DART just posted a new video on community organizing. It also serves
as decent intro for a new observer, so I thought it may be of use to

David William Rothwell

1. I recently watched a panel discussion on the Community Reinvestment
Act that is posted on UNC Center for Poverty, Work and Opportunity
<>. Any
community practice effort should be informed of the CRA. (Note: This is
an iTunes movie and may require you to open iTunes to play the movie.
Try various browsers if one fails.)

Rich Wood

1. Lots of resources via PICO website as well, some written some video,




Dick Schoech, UT Arlington

1. Online Volunteering:

2. Building Enduring Communities. development, property management, and
residence- and community-based human services. ... nonprofit affordable
housing social services.

3. The Charlie Rose show has great interviews with current thinkers and
doers. For example, the following conversation with Michael Milken &
Muhammad Yunus about World poverty.

4. Tracy J. Browns explains the Nine Essential Internal Controls that
every Faith Based or Community Organization must have.

Videos Not Online

From Elizabeth Beck

1. I use something called Dudley street or streets of hope to show
Rothman's three approaches,

2. I use Bill Moyers interview with Myles Horton (vol 2) to show
community participation, adult education and pedagogy of the oppressed

3. I use a Philip Randolph which is 90 minutes called something like
jobs and justice to show among others things coalition building.

From Christina Erickson

1. A Days work for a Days Pay

2. Unnatural Causes

3. The story of stuff - on line

Nicole Nicotera, Associate Professor,Graduate School of Social
Work,University of Denver

1. I like to use Holding Ground about the Dudley Street neighborhood
initiative near Boston MA. There is also a book about their process
called, Streets of Hope by Medoff and Sklar (1994) South End Press.
Another DVD that may be useful, but I have not used in class myself is
called ?I am a Promise.?

Karen Gray, Asst Professor, OU-Tulsa School of Social Work, Tulsa, OK 74135

1. From the bottom up

2. The fire next time

3. Recruiting new members

4. It was a wonderful life

5. Building hope

6. The Forgotten Americans

7. Eyes on the Prize: Bridge to Freedom

8. Bread and Roses

9. Holding Ground

10. The Democratic Promise

Dick Schoech, UT Arlington

1. The Heart of Bassett Place: W. Gertrude Brown and the Wheatley House.
Historical case study of community practice in an African-American

3. Running Good Meetings (12 minutes) A humorous overview the basics of
running meetings.

4. Bill Moyers interview with Ernie Cortez, a community organizer in San
Antonio, TX

5. Mobilizing Community Assets. Kretzmann, J, & McKnight, J. (1993), the
only video I know that argues that you have to take a capacity building
approach to community practice to be effective.

6. The Democratic Promise: Saul Alinsky and his Legacy. 50 min.

7. The Deming of America: Interview with TQM founder E. Deming TQM as
presented by its founder is very applicable to the human services.

Others mentioned

1. ?Fight in the Fields" is a great movie for teaching organizing

2. ?One night of fire' about activists creating an underground street
party in nyc.

3. Thirst

4. Shape of Water

5. Twilight LA

6. This Black soil

7. The Milagro Bean Field War

8. Bullfrog films has a number of good ones. "The Philadelphia Story",
looks promising.

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