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Video/DVD Resources for Community Related Courses

Tips for sharing resources: When uploading resources, choose the appropriate folder and upload your file. Once uploaded, rename the file with your last name and document title (e.g. ahrens, class privilege.pdf). Then, use the comments feature to add your description or any notes. Need help
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    Item Listing: Video Resources
    Title descendingSizeModified byRating
      WAYM Video List.pdf 67.4 KBSharon Hakim 
      Taylor, Documentary Films.pdf 103.1 KBJames Dalton JrRating: 5out of5Igloo.Common.ObjectUserInfo
      Taylor, Documentary Films for Community Psychology Courses.pdf 254.5 KBSylvie TaylorRating: 5out of5Igloo.Common.ObjectUserInfo
      Staggs, Video Qss.pdf 93.3 KBScot Evans 
      Kuperminc, YouTube Videos for CP.docx 134.2 KBGabriel Kuperminc 
      Dalton, Video Resources.pdf 184.6 KBScot Evans 
      Video List 5 itemsSCRA Web Admin 

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