SCRA Video Contest

2018 SCRA Video Contest

Create a video of your community psychology skills in action!

1st prize=500USD       

2nd prize=$300    

3rd prize=$200

Due December 31, 2018

Please read the full instructions here

Once your video is complete submit this form to enter the contest:

If you have questions please email

Steps video creators can take to increase video views

Under the Basic Information Tab:

  1. Upload Status:  After the video uploads, replace this number with the title of your video
  2. Description: Make sure the "video focus/topic/problem addressed" as listed on the video contest application is consistent with what is posted with the video on YouTube.
  3. Add the "search terms" or "keywords" to the YouTube post that you listed on the google form in the TAGS area on YouTube.
  4. Make sure it is a public video.

Under the Advanced Settings Tab:

  1. Allow comments: "Approved" or "All" based on your judgment.
  2. Choose a listing category, examples include education; nonprofits & activism; science & technology.
  3. Allow users to view ratings, yes check box
  4. Location: Make sure to add this.
  5. License and rights ownership: Double-check your own preferences for YouTube or Creative Commons license.
  6. Video language:  be sure to specify
  7. Community contributions:  leave unchecked
  8. Recording date:  enter date that the majority of the video was filmed
  9. Caption certification:  select one
  10. Video Statistics:  yes, check box
  11. Distribution Options:  yes, check both boxes
  12. Age restrictions:  leave unchecked
  13. Content declaration:  in most cases, leave unchecked