Practice Competencies in Community Psychology Series

Pt I: Infusing Competencies for Community Psychology Practice into Graduate Training: Georgia State University’s Graduate Practicum

February 28th, 2018

This webinar is the first in a series that will focus on applications of the Practice Competencies in Community Psychology (GJCPP). In 2016, the Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice published a special issue on this topic, featuring articles that highlighted strategies for engaging students and community members in community work and for students to learn practice skills in classroom and field experiences. The webinar series is designed to keep the conversation going by revisiting and digging deeper into articles from the special issue, and opening up opportunities to engage in interactive discussions of how the competencies are being used to enhance community psychology training. 

The webinar was presented by Gabriel Kuperminc and Robyn Borgman. Gabe chairs the Community Psychology Doctoral Program at Georgia State University, and Robyn is a graduate student. The presentation built on material presented in the article by Kuperminc, Chan, Seitz, & Wilson (2016) in the special issue of GJCPP, which can be found at:

In the video below Gabe and Robyn demonstrate how the practice competencies are integrated into the practicum experience at Georgia State. During the webinar you will hear an in-depth description of this material and be able to ask questions.