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This is your connection to information about academic programs in community psychology and related areas as well as resources for teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in community psychology and related areas of community research and action.  There are also lists of postdoctoral training opportunities for students with a community psychology orientation.  

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The SCRA Education Connection originated in the Community Connection, a clearinghouse founded in 1982 by Maurice Elias and Jim Dalton for exchanging community psychology course syllabi.  In 1987, the renamed Education Connection became a department in The Community Psychologist, where it still appears.  Scot Evans, Jim Dalton, and the SCRA Council of Education Programs collaborated in making the Education Connection an online resource in 2007.

SCRA Education Collaborative Mini-Grants

SCRA wants to improve opportunities for programming and training in community psychology and promote the inclusion and expansion of community psychology to the national and international context.  The mission is to support and advocate excellence and visibility in education in community research and action. Funding priorities include:  

  • Cross-program collaboration
  • Recruitment initiatives and programming
  • New programs

WHO: SCRA members and undergraduate/graduate programs

WHAT: SCRA will provide funding (up to $1,250) to support cross-program collaboration between two or more undergraduate or graduate programs. The grants are intended to support the development of a joint educational program or initiative. Grant criteria include a collaborative or international exchange between two or more undergraduate/graduate programs. Applications can support the development of new courses, faculty/student exchange programs, leveraging program strengths through co-sponsored webinars, or similar types of joint initiatives.

WHERE: SCRA will provide funding to undergraduate/graduate programs in the United States and Internationally. International applicants are strongly encouraged to apply.

WHEN: This is a time-sensitive mini grant, applicants should submit applications no later than August 31st, 2017, 11:59 EST. Applicants will receive decisions by September 30th, 2017.

WHY: SCRA wants to improve opportunities for programs to share educational resources such as training, programming, and faculty/student exchanges. Although we recognize the amount is not large, funding provides opportunities for undergraduate/graduate programs to be creative and receive support for small collaborative projects.

HOW: Complete the online application form by August 31st, 2017

*The grant is not intended to support a consultation relationship among programs. Funding can support larger collaborative projects. 

General Questions about Community Psychology or CP Education


logo_ctb.gifIf you have any general questions about community psychology or education in community psychology, you may submit your question/request and contact information below. Someone from the Council on Education will respond to your question. If you have a question about a specific program, please contact that program directly. In addition, Ask an Advisor is a service that provides brief, personalized responses to your questions about education in community psychology or community work (planning, assessment, participation, publicity, program development, leadership, advocacy, or evaluation). To use the Ask an Advisor service, please visit the Community Toolbox Webpage.


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