New Programs Sub-committee


The Council on Education New Program Sub-Committee (COE-NPS) aims to support and strengthen new community psychology oriented education programs (undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs) both nationally and internationally. The COE-NPS has three main goals: 1) to identify and strengthen new programs, 2) encourage students to utilize the SCRA to strengthen their programs; and 3) support the development of practice-focused skills in community psychology training through intentional integration of SCRA practice competencies into the curricula of new programs.

Request for Proposals – Support for New Programs

SCRA - COE New Programs Sub-committee (COE-NPS)

Society for Community Research & Action (SCRA)


The mission of the SCRA COE-NPS is to support and strengthen new community psychology oriented education programs (including undergraduate and graduate degree programs as well as certificate programs) both nationally and internationally. For COE-NPS purposes, new programs are defined as those that have been in existence for six years or less, as well as those that are in design and/or approval processes.

In 2012, the NPS was formed with the support of the SCRA Practice Council and the Council on Education (COE). SCRA provided a small amount of funding for, the then called New Programs Group (NPG), to support new programs. Some of these funds supported students from new graduate programs to attend the 2013 SCRA Biennial conference in Miami. The remaining funds are to be dispersed to eligible programs according to the process described below.


New programs (as defined above) may apply to the CEP-NPS for a small amount of one-time funding (+/– $500–$700) for activities that will support their program’s growth and development. The aims of this support are to strengthen new programs affiliated with SCRA, to strengthen new programs’ connections with each other and with longer-standing programs, to enhance new programs’ connections with community psychology practitioners, and to enhance connections between new programs and SCRA. It is clear that each new program is best positioned to name its own most pressing needs. Specific activities may therefore differ among programs. Examples of fundable activities include:

• Events to convene local/regional practitioners, faculty, and students in a new program.

• Events related to the establishment or launching of new initiatives.

• Expenses for consultants to improve a new program.

• Support for individual scholars or practitioners to travel to visit a new program.

• Support for faculty and/or students in a new program to travel to visit another program.

• Support students attending the SCRA conference in 2015


Write a brief description or outline, no more than two pages, describing: (1) the identified need of your new program, (2) the strategy that you have identified to strengthen the program according to the purposes described above, (3) the impact(s) you believe the requested support will have on the new program, and (4) a brief budget and budget justification. Provide the name and contact information for the primary applicant (must be a faculty member in the new program). The deadline for proposals is October 15th, 2014. Please e-mail completed proposals and any questions to Brian Christens ( The CEP-NPS co-chairs will solicit external ratings of proposals from other members of the SCRA Practice Council and CEP. All funded proposals will be required to report on the use of funds.