Policy Position Statements

Position statements are one means SCRA uses to communicate its perspective on pressing social issues and matters of public health and well-being. The goal of such statements is to provide clear, succinct summaries of scientific research and accumulated knowledge from practice accompanied by recommendations to policy makers and the general public.

Process for Generating Position Statements

Adopted Policy Position Statements

The Role of Recovery Residences in Promoting Long-term Addiction Recovery

This policy statement involves the role of recovery residences in promoting long-term addiction recovery. The statement was written by: Leonard A. Jason, Amy A. Mericle, Douglas L. Polcin, and William L. White.  This statement was also published in the American Journal of Community Psychology. The publication can be found here.

The video below features Leonard Jason discussing a collaboration between DePaul University and Oxford House, a non-profit organization that supports recovery houses.

Position Statements Under Development

Work is currently proceeding on three position statements and/or advocacy campaigns:

  • Mass Incarceration - discussing issues caused by current US policies that result in the highest prison incarceration rates in the world, led by Brad Olson;
  • Juvenile Justice - addressing the policies included in the US Juvenile Justice Reauthorization Act, led by Robin Jenkins and Jen Wollard;
  • Immigration Reform - presenting a community psychology policy prospective on US legislation on immigration and undocumented residents, led by Fabricio Balcazar.

Anyone wanting to assist in any of these efforts are welcome to contact Brad, Robin or Jen, or Fabricio.