SCRA Community Mini-Grants

The SCRA Community Mini-Grants Program was designed by the Community Psychology Practice Council in 2010. With the support of the Executive Committee, the grant program began awarding funds in the summer of 2011.

The purpose of this program is to support and help catalyze small scale, time-sensitive community interventions, whether action or research-based, which are consistent with the SCRA vision, mission, principles and goals. The grant program is intended to encourage meaningful work that SCRA members (and their community partners) are doing in their communities around the world. It is a fast decision-cycle mini-grant program.

This year, up to 15 grants will be awarded. Applicants can request up to $1,000 for their project. All grants will be accepted and awarded on a rolling-basis from May1st - August 1st.

Mini Grants Coordinators:

Grant Program Coordinators: 

Jordan Reed

Mayra Guerrero

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us!

Mini Grants Reviewers

The success of the SCRA Community Mini-Grants Program is largely because of our exceptional reviewers who dedicate their time and effort to this initiative. We are very appreciative of them!

Why serve as a reviewer?

As a Minigrants reviewer you will have the opportunity to read a variety of project proposals and provide meaningful feedback.The benefits of serving as a Mini-Grants reviewer include the opportunity to :

  • gain first-hand knowledge about the review process and what it takes for a grant to be funded
  • be informed about current/innovative projects and areas of research in our global community
  • provide meaningful feedback to applicants which will help strengthen their community projects
  • learn valuable tips from the team of reviewers who consist of students, early career and seasoned professionals from diverse backgrounds

What experience is needed?

  • No extensive experience is required to be a reviewer. Students, community practitioners and faculty are all welcome to serve!

What are the requirements for becoming a reviewer?

New reviewers must:

  • Be a member of SCRA
  • Provide a professional reference
  • Provide a CV/Resume

What is involved?

  • Complete a reviewer training
  • Reviewers are assigned to a randomized review schedule and are notified via email when they are needed to review an application
  • Complete & submit grant reviews to coordinator within 5 business days

What is the process for becoming a reviewer?