This page is devoted to research and policy on Immigration. 

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Research Briefs and Policy Papers

Report of the APA Task Force on Immigration

Research Articles

With major immigration reform legislation making its way through Congress, the July issue of the APA journal Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology explores topics such as how Americans view illegal versus legal immigrants, the impact cultural values have on anti-immigration policies and how the uncertainty of immigration status can negatively affect young students.Special Section: "New Developments in Research on Immigration," edited by Nadine Nakamura, PhD, Pratyusha Tummala-Narra, PhD, and Michael A. Zárate, PhD, includes articles on:

Relevant Videos



What is it like to grow up as an undocumented youth in America? In "Undocumented Americans," three undocumented youth who arrived as young children - Jong-Min, Pedro and Silvia - share their stories of how they are fighting hard to achieve their piece of the American dream.

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