SCRA Student Research Awards

Here we highlight the extraordinary work of our student members

2015 SCRA Student Dissertation Research Awards

First Place Award

Carlie Trott:

Engaging Key Stakeholders in Climate Change: A Photovoice Project for Youth-Based Participatory Climate Action


Few studies have examined how youth think about, and take action on climate change, and far fewer have sought to facilitate their engagement using participatory methods. This collaborative, multi-site study seeks to engage 60 youth members (ages 10 to 12) of local Boys and Girls Clubs units in a twenty-week after-school program called Science, Camera, Action!. This program combines interactive science activities (Science) with photovoice methodology (Camera) to culminate in youth-led climate action projects (Action). A combination of quantitative (i.e., survey) and qualitative (i.e., photovoice; focus groups) methods will be utilized to shed light on how youth navigate the issue of climate change, while simultaneously aiming to advance youth potential as critical actors towards sustainability within their families and communities.

Second Place Award

Daniel Clifford

Veterans and Mindfulness: A Community-Based Peer Led Initiative



Military service members often face unique challenges post-deployment. The military to civilian transition can be difficult, particularly when individuals have experienced combat or other trauma related events during their service. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a frequent diagnosis that can occur as a result of these experiences. Recent paradigm shifts in therapy have led to mindfulness-based therapies becoming more prevalent with randomized control trials indicating high rates of success for individuals with PTSD. This study will use a mixed methodology approach to both understand the experiences of veterans and community service providers and evaluate a community-based, peer led mindfulness intervention designed to provide psychoeducation, social support, and exposure to mind-body skills for participants.