Biennial Conference FAQs

FAQ for Biennial Conference

Q: How do I upload materials for my presentation? 
A: You can upload documents by going here: To add files related to your presentation, select the appropriate folder (by date and time) then add a folder for your session with your session ID # & title. Your session ID can be found in the program in the index by your name (for example 040). Upload your supporting files (papers, powerpoint presentations, etc) into your unique folder. NOTE: You must be a SCRA member and logged in to be able to do this (check the top-left of the page). 

Q: Does the confernece mobile app work with laptops?
A: You can access the conference app on laptops here: Know that the app is designed for handheld mobile devices and so loses some functionality on laptops.

Q: I'm a presenter - what technology and supplies should I expect in the session rooms?
A: All conference rooms are outfitted with stations that include computers (with both mac and windows OS), projectors, DVD player & screens. Each station also has a VGA laptop connector. If you are using a Mac laptop, you should bring your own adaptor. Rooms are also equipped with whiteboards and markers. LC rooms are lecture hall style rooms and the Memorial rooms are more traditional classrooms with moveable seating. 

Q: What are the dimensions for the Posters?
 A: We will supply poster boards that support posters up to 4ft x 6ft. We recommend that posters be printed at those dimensions.

Q: What are the registration fees?
A:  2013 Conference Registration Fees:

Student SCRA Members $125
Professional SCRA Members $320
Student Non-Members $145
Professional Non-Members $360
International Professionals $160
International Students $60
Student One-Day Onsite $100
Professional One-Day Onsite $175

Q: What all does the registration fee cover?
A: The registration fee covers access to all conference activities, including:

  • Access to the Biennial mobile app (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry, Kindle, iPad)
  • Printed program if desired (must opt-in during registration - Go Green if you can!)
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Keynote speakers
  • All workshops, rountables, symposia, town hall meetings
  • Opening reception on 6/27
  • Miami Food Truck Lunch on Saturday 6/29
[NOTE: the pre-conference workshops are $20 for students, $30 for non-students]
[NOTE: the Friday, 6/28 Banquet at The Rusty Pelican is an additional $20 per person]

Q: Where is the Banquet on Friday night? 
A: The 2013 Biennial Banquet will be held at The Rusty Pelican on Key Biscayne - 
3201 Rickenbacker Causeway,Key Biscayne, FL 33149. Be sure to register for the banquet ($20) during the biennial registration process. 








Q: What travel support is available for students?
A: Nine awards are available for funding student conference travel this year, at $400 per award!  The deadline for submitting your materials is Wednesday, April 24th.  The application for funds is HERE, and includes information about eligibility, deadlines, and information to include in your submission. 


FAQ for Biennial Conference: Questions About Submissions

Note: as of 1/10/13 the call for submissions is closed

Q: Where do I submit my proposal? 
A: When you are ready to submit a proposal for the conference you will want to start HERE (Call for submissions is now closed)

Q: I'm a SCRA member, but the All Academic system is giving me the message "no person with this email in the system" when I try to login or retrieve my login/password - what gives?
A: It is possible that for some reason, your information was not loaded into the All Academic system. If you are certain you are using the same email address as your registration with SCRA, and you still get the error message, then you will need to create a new account.

Q: Is there a limit on number of submissions I can make as first author?
A: Yes, each author should submit no more than three papers as first author. 

Q: Is there a limit to the number of submissions I can make as second or third author? 
A: No 

Q: What is the length of time for symposia? 
A: There will be two types of symposia: 90 minutes and 60 minutes. The submitter can select the length of time but the program committee reserves the right to change the length. For example, the program committee may change a submission from 90 minutes to 60 minutes.

Q: What is the minimum number of presenters in a symposium?
A: 3 

Q: What is the length of time for roundtables? 
A: 60 minutes 

Q: What is the length of time for Town Meeting?
A: 90 minutes
Q: What is the length of time for Workshops?
A: 2 hours
Q: What is the difference between a Symposium and a Roundtable Discussion?
A: Symposia entail 3-5 different presentations of research or practice w/ discussion around a similar theme (e.g. youth violence prevention). Roundtables do not usually have much in the way of presentation, but instead rely more on a facilitator to facilitate the audience's exploration of an issue.   For example, someone may propose to hold a roundtable discussion on "strategies for engaging youth as community researchers" and simply propose four general questions for the group to cover.

Q: Is there a word length for submissions? 
A: Yes, abstracts should be limited to 300 words. For a symposium, the main submitter should write a 300 word abstract describing the entire symposium, and each participant should write a 300 word description of the individual contribution to the panel.

Q: What is the maximum number of presenters in a symposium of 60 minutes? 
A: 5 

Q: What is the maximum number of presenters in a symposium of 90 minutes? 
A: 7 

Q: Must submissions fit into one of the conference tracks? 
A: Yes 

Q: Should symposia include action plan for audience participation? 
A: Absolutely yes 

Q: Should I describe how to involve audience in symposia or roundtable in my abstract? 
A: Yes, and you can expand in the seperate field provided if needed. 

Have a question not addressed here? Use the Comment feature below (after login) or email and we'll respond. 


OfflineNuria Ciofalo Nuria Ciofalo said 17 months ago

What is the minimum number of presenters in a symposia?

OfflineSCRA Web Admin SCRA Web Admin said 17 months ago

Minimum of three presenters in a symposium. 

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