Website Guidelines for Use

Website Guidelines for Use

Get interactive. Please -- break it, twist it, bend it, remix it, network it. That means that in a lot of areas on this site, you have the right to post and modify content, post and comment on blogs, gab in the forums, post images, send pages to friends, and share content with other social networking sites. Take care to keep the focus on community research and action- related ideas and activities.

Play Nice. Blog posts, forum posts, e-mail exchanges and other posts on should be generous, insightful and loving -- or at least, not mean. That means no flaming and no personal attacks. And if someone else steps over the line, try to remember what your mom used to say: "I don't care who started it!" That's how we feel. So turn the other cheek, rise above it, and assume that the occasional flame is just a misunderstanding. Our SCRA values and principles apply here as well as in our research and action.

Talk Politics, not Politicians. At SCRA, we understand that it is impossible to discuss community research and action without a frank discussion of the political nature of social issues. However, as a division of APA, (and a registered 501c?) we are not allowed to endorse or promote a specific political party or politician. Talk politics, policies, and positions, but please refrain from promoting parties or specific individuals. Also, remember its possible that not everybody in SCRA shares your political viewpoint (see "Play Nice" above).

Help and seek help. Some of you may be new to this type of Web 2.0 website. If you find yourself asking "how do I...?" check out the  "How To" forum to look for answers. And, if you figure something out on your own, share your proud discovery in the forum to help others find their way. Need more help? The Igloo support wiki has losts of information to guide you along. Need even more help? Post your question or request in the "Support" area of the forum and one of the SCRA website managers will assist.

Want to add to or change these guidelines? SCRA Members can add to or edit this page by clicking on the little "edit article" at the top of this page.


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