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APA's Annual Convention is almost here! 
This year, the convention will run from August 12–14, 2021 and it will be entirely virtual.
JOIN APA attendees for a keynote by SCRA Past President titled
"Justice Delayed is Justice Denied: SCRA's Response to Two Pandemics
featuring Bianca Guzman; Rhonda Lewis, Pam Martin, Ireri Bernal, Khanh Dinh, Jesica Fernandez, and Yvette Flores
on August 13th, 11am - 12pm EST/ 10 - 11 am CST/ 8 - 9 am PST.
JOIN APA attendees for a keynote by SCRA President Dr. Susan Wolfe featuring Dr. Geri Lynn Peak, who will be giving a talk titled 
"Decolonizing Research, Funding, and Human Services
on August 13th, 3 - 4 pm EST/ 2 - 3pm CST / 12 - 1 pm PST.
JOIN APA Mainstage Speakers to explore the power of psychology and how it can help build a better future. 
JOIN SCRA's APA Convention Chair, Dr. Ashmeet Oberoi, and fellow SCRA members, for a wealth of programs, including live* and on-demand program highlights:
Symposium: Enfranchising the Disenfranchised: A Healing and 
Social Justice Conversation to 'Ban the Box'
(August 13th, 2 - 3pm EST/ 1 - 2 pm CST/ 11 - 12 pm PST)
Presenters: Melanie Wilcox, Co-chair; Terrill Taylor, Co-chair; Sergio Maldonado Aguiñiga, Discussant; Christopher Beasley; Noel Vest
Symposium: Environmental Racism: Opportunities for Scholars, Practitioners, and Activists
Presenters: Nancy Piotrowski, Chair; Brian Smedley, Discussant; Courtney Bonam;
Danielle Beatty Moody; Nancy Piotrowski; Susan Clayton
Discussion: Giving Psychology Away: 
Considering Tensions in Public Interest Policy Advocacy 
(August 13th, 1 - 2 pm EST/ 12 - 1 pm CST/ 10 - 11 am PST)
Presenters: Sara Buckingham, Co-chair; Kevin Ferreira van Leer, Co-chair; Ashmeet Oberoi; Brad Olson; Dana Rusch; Elizabeth King; Monica Indart; Noé Rubén Chávez; Tara Mehta
Discussion: Racist and Clueless, An Open Conversation on Racism, 
Racial Trauma, Media Psychology and Community 
(August 14th, 1:00pm - 1:40pm EST/ 12 pm-12:40 pm CST/10 am-10:40 am PST) 
Presenters: Vernita Perkins, Chair; Lenny Jason
Discussion: A Discussion in the Aftermath of Racial Oppression, 
Police Brutality, and a Public Demand for Reform 
(August 14th, 2 pm – 3 pm EST/ 1 pm -2 pm CST/ 11 am-12 pm PST) 
Presenters: Kayla Nelson, Chair; Anna Moncharsh; Carolyn Springer; Vaschelle William
*Live sessions can be viewed at and do not require APA registration.
Please see attached the complete list of SCRA sessions and posters at APA convention 2021.

SCRA APA Program 2021


SCRA APA Poster List 2021