Ignite Session Information

Ignite Session Instructions

Since Ignite Presentations are quite different than the other formats we would like to review the specifics of the format with you.

Ignite Presentations provide an opportunity to share research and ideas in a brief 5-minute format (20 slides at 15 seconds each) to ignite conversations and discussions between the presenters and the audience. Several speakers will follow each other in rapid transition followed by a time to engage in conversation.

Developing 20 slides to show in  5 minutes can be challenging, so we are holding an Ignite Presentation training on Thursday, June 10th. We realize many of you may not be able to attend the training so we will record it and put the link to the recording on this page by the 11th.

You can download the Powerpoint slides from the presentation here.

In order to ensure that the presentations move quickly we will have someone from the Biennial team present at each session who will advance the slides. This means that we will need you to submit your slides by June 18th in order to ensure that they are organized by session and ready to go. Please email your slides to biennialprogram@scra27.org

Thank you everyone and see you at the Biennial!