Poster Presentation Information

Poster Presentation Instructions

This is to give you some guidance on how to prepare your poster. The poster galleries will be open throughout the conference, so attendees will be viewing your poster even when you are not present. For this reason your poster will be a static pdf document, not a PowerPoint presentation or any other format. 

The pdf format is being used to increase the accessibility of the conference. Screen readers work fairly well with pdf documents, while they do not work at all with image files such as jpg. In order to increase the accessibility of your poster please use the Alt Text feature for any images. 

The document should be a single page in landscape setting, not portrait. Text should be 14 pt. or larger. 

The conference platform will be open beginning on Monday, June 14th and you can upload your poster anytime after that. Download the instructions for logging into the conference platform and uploading your poster

If this is your first time preparing a conference poster it might be useful to look at some of the guidelines available on the web from academic institutions. Some of these sites have templates you can use. Here are two examples of sites that might be useful, one from New York University and one from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

See you at the Biennial!