Getting Involved in Policy

How to be an Effective Advocate

Want to contact a member of Congress?

Find out who your representative and senators are and how to contact them.

Want to know more about the bills and resolutions currently before Congress?

Find out what will be happening in Congress in the coming week. Search for a specific bill. Or sign up for updates on legislative activity.

Want to encourage others to advocate for an issue?

Read some general strategies about how to increase action.

Want to write a Letter to the Editor, Editorial or Op-Ed?

Here is some guidance to help you get started.

Policy Workshops


Advocacy Tips, on the American Public Health Association website

Engaging Scientists in Policy, on the American Association for the Advancement of Science website

Advocacy Center, on the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues website

Blog Posts

Developing Effective Public Policy Strategies, by Julia Coffman