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SCRA Funds Disbursement and Reimbursement Process and Paperwork

SCRA Approved Travel

Funds for SCRA-approved travel are available as either travel advances before the travel or reimbursement after the travel. All funds distributed as travel advances will need to be reconciled within 60 days of the travel. 

Travel Advance:

1.  Please review the form how-to.

2. Fill out Reimbursement-Disbursement Form. Add Division 27 to the header and add the total to 12030: Travel Advances.

3. Provide supporting documentation for advance. The travel advance requires the destination, dates of travel, and verifiable estimates for hotel and airfare.

4. Fill out ACH paperwork for funds to be disbursed to your bank account.

5. Send all three completed documents and supporting documentation to in one email.

6. After the travel has concluded follow the steps below for travel expense reimbursement and reconciliation.

Travel Reimbursement:

1.  Please review the form How-To. It is different from the Travel Advance form.

2. Fill out the Travel Expense Reimbursement and Reconciliation.

3. Provide receipts and supporting documentation. The travel reimbursement requires scans of original receipts for every expense claimed.

4. If you received a Travel Advance indicate that amount on the form.

5. Fill out ACH paperwork for funds to be disbursed to your bank account, if you previously have not.

6. Send all completed documents and supporting documentation to in one email.

Reimbursement and Disbursement Process (Non-Travel Related)

1.  Please review the form how-to.

2.  Fill out Reimbursement-Disbursement Form.

3. Provide supporting documentation (invoices).

4.  Fill out ACH paperwork for funds to be distributed to your bank account (if you have not previously).

5. If this is a disbursement for work rendered include a W-9 if you are a U.S. Citizen or a W-8ben if you are not a U.S. Citizen.

6. Email all completed documents to