Emory Cowen Dissertation Award


The Society for Community Research and Action grants an annual dissertation award to the best dissertation identified on a topic relevant to positive well-being and the prevention of dysfunction completed during the prior two years. The Dissertation Award was established in 1997.

Past Award Recipients

2019 Erin R. Ellison, University of California, Santa Cruz 
  Advisor: Regina Day Langhout
  Dissertation Title: Collaborative Competence and Relational Praxis Among Community Organizers: The Reproduction of, and Resistance to, Systems of Oppression  
2018 Michelle Stratton, Pacifica Graduate Institute
  Advisor: Mary Watkins
  Dissertation Title: Culture, Resilience, and Adaptation: The Voices of Rwandan and Congolese Refugees 
2017 Simon Coulombe, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada
  Advisor: Janie Houle
  Dissertation Title: Self-management Questionnaire and Profiles of Recovery from Anxiety and Mood Disorders. 
2016  Sarah Reed, Michigan State University
  Advisor: Robin Lin Miller
  Dissertation Title: Thriving and Adapting: Resilience, sense of community and systemics among young Black gay and bisexual men
2015  Andrew Case, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  Advisor: Carla Hunter
  Dissertation Title: More Than Meets the Eye: Exploring a Black Cultural Center as a Counterspace for African American College Students
2014  Lindsay Satterwhite Mayberry, Vanderbilt University
  Advisor:  Beth Shinn & Craig Anne Heflinger
  Dissertation Title: Family Processes in the Context of Housing Instability and Intensive Service Use: Implications for Parenting and Caregiver Wellbeing
2013  Frank Snyder 
  Advisor: Brian Flay
  Dissertation Title: Enhancing social-emotional and character development for youths' success: A theoretical orientation and an evaluation using a cluster-randomized design
2012  Allison Dymnicki
  Advisor: Roger Weissberg  
  Dissertation Title: The Relation of School Factors to Changes Associated with a Violence Prevention Program
2011  David Faigan, Bowling Green State University 
  Dissertation Title: Community-based Theater and Persons with Psychiatric Disabilities: An Investigation of Individual and Group Development, Social Activism, and Community Integration
2010  Natalie Wilkins, Georgia State University             
  Advisor: Gabriel Kuperminc
  Dissertation Title: Family Processes Promoting Achievement Motivation and Perceived School Competence among Latino Youth: A Cultural-ecological-transactional Perspective
2009  Andrew Lohmann, Claremont Graduate University
  Adviser: Dale Berger 
  Dissertation Title: The Impact of a Freeway on Neighborhood: Sense of community, Size, and Methods of Measurement 
 2008  Louis Brown, Wichita State University
  Advisor: Greg Meissen     
  Dissertation Title: Making it Sane: The Participation Benefits of Consumer-Run Organizations 
2007 Lisabeth Finn, Curtin University of Technology
  Advisor: Brian Bishop
  Dissertation Title: Mutual Help Groups and Psychological Well-Being: A Study of GROW, a Community Mental Health Organization     
2005  Elise Cappella, University of California at Berkeley
  Advisor: Rhona Weinstein
  Dissertation Title: The Prevention of Social Aggression Among Girls      
 2004 Caren Caty, California School of Professional Psychology
  Dissertation Title:    
 2003 Jessica Rose Goodkind, Michigan State University  
  Dissertation Title: Promoting Refuge Well-Being: A Community Based Advocacy and Learning    Intervention.      
 2002 Shaun Haines, Saybrook Graduate School, San Francisco
  Dissertation Title: 
2001   Iain Butterworth, Victoria University of Technology          
  Advisor: Adrian Fisher
  Dissertation Title: Adult Environmental Education:: A Community Psychology Perspective
2000  Emily Ozer, University of California at Berkeley
  Advisor: Rhona Weinstein
  Dissertation Title: Urban Adolescents' Exposure to Violence: The Role of Support, School Safety, and    Social Constraints in a School-Based Sample of Boys and Girls.     

Sybil Madison, University of California at Berkeley

  Advisor: Rhona Weinstein
  Dissertation Title: And Still They Rise: Factors Related to      Resilience in African American Students Affected by the Prince Edward County School Closing
 1998 Htiro Yoshikawa, New York University      
 1997 Lisa Blum, Rutgers University