Ethnic and Minority Mentoring Award


The Ethnic and Minority Mentoring Award is awarded for outstanding contributions to the mentoring- of ethnic minority community psychologists in academic settings. It was established in 1991 and is given to a SCRA member who has had a positive impact on an ethnic minority graduate student or beginning level graduate who has consistently fostered a climate in his/her setting conducive to the growth of ethnic minority graduate students and/or beginning level graduates. The goal of the award is to acknowledge the importance of encouraging ethnic diversity within community psychology and supporting the efforts of groups of individuals who have been historically more limited in their access to higher education within our field. 

Past Award Recipients

2019      Ciann L. Wilson, Wilfrid Laurier University.

2018      Bianca L. Guzmán, California State University, Los Angeles

2017      Nellie Tran, San Diego State University

2016      Robin Miller, Michigan State University

2015      Dina Birman, University of Miami

2014      Bernadette Sánchez, DePaul University

2013      Kenneth Maton, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

             Jomella Watson-Thompson, University of Kansas

2009      Meg Bond, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

2008      Stephen Fawcett, Kansas University

2007      Craig Brookins,

              Hirokazu Yoshikawa, New York University

2006      Robert Sellers

2005      Yolanda Suarez-Balcazar, University of Illinois, Chicago

2004      Mark Roosa, Arizona State University

2003      William S. Davidson, Michigan State University

2002      Shelly Harrell, Pepperdine University

2001      Ed Seidman, New York University

2000      Gary Harper, DePaul University

1999      Isaiah Crawford of Loyola University, Chicago

1998      Ricardo Munoz, University of California, San Francisco

              Maurice Elias, Rutgers University

1997      Marybeth Shinn, New York University

1996      Melvin Wilson, University of Virginia

1995      Irma Serrano-Garcia, University of Puerto Rico

1994      Oscar Barbarin, University of California, L.A.

1993      Hector Meyers, University of California, L.A.

1992      Forest Tyler, University of Maryland

1991      Leonard Jason, DePaul University,

              Stanley Sue, University of California, L.A.