Theory and Research Award


The Award for Distinguished Contribution to Theory and Research in Community Psychology is presented annually to an individual whose career of high quality and innovative research and scholarship has resulted in a significant contribution to the body of knowledge in Community Psychology. This award was initiated in 1974. 

Past Award Recipients

2019     Thomasina Borkman

2018     Irma Serrano-García 

2017     Gary Harper, University of Michigan

2016     Douglas Perkins, Vanderbilt University

2015     Raymond Lorion, Towson University, Maryland

2015     Jack Tebes, Yale University

2014      Anne Brodsky, University of Maryland

2013      Geoffrey B. Nelson, Wifred Laurier University

2012      Hiro Yoshikawa, Harvard University

2011      *

2010      Isaac Prilleltensky, University of Miami

2009      Marc Zimmerman, University of Michigan

2008      Chris Keys, DePaul University

2007      William Davidson, Michigan State University

2006      Kenneth Maton, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

2005      Abe Wandersman, University of South Carolina

2004      Roger Weissberg, University of Illinois, Chicago

2003      Lonnie Snowden, University of California, Berkeley

2002      Ana Mari Cauce, University of Washington

2001      Rhona Weinstein, University of California, Berkeley

2000      Stephanie Riger, University of Illinois, Chicago

1999      Irwin Sandler, Arizona State University

1998      Dick Reppucci, University of Virginia

1997      Leonard Jason, DePaul University

1996      Marybeth Shinn, New York University

1995      Edison Trickett, University of Maryland

1994      John R. Newbrough, Vanderbilt University

1993      William Ryan, Boston College

1992      Irwin Altman, University of Utah

1991      Kenneth Heller, Indiana University

1990      Edward Seidman, New York University

1989      Edward Zigler, Yale University

1988      Richard H. Price, University of Michigan

1987      Murray Levine, SUNY at Buffalo

1986      Julian Rappaport, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urban

1985      George W. Fairweather, Michigan State University

1984      George Spivack and Myrna B. Shure, Hahnemann University

1983      Rudolf H. Moos, Stanford University

1982      Charles D. Spielberger, University of South Florida

1981      George Albee, University of Vermont

1980      Barbara S. and Bruce P. Dohrenwend, Columbia University

1979      Emory L. Cowen, University of Rochester

1978      James G. Kelly, University of Michigan

1977      Bernard Bloom, University of Colorado

1976      Ira Iscoe, University of Texas at Austin

1975      John C. Glidewell, University of Chicago

1974      Seymour B. Sarason, Yale University

1974      Robert Reiff Albert Einstein College of Medicine 

* In 2011 award dates were changed to reflect the year the award was presented. For this reason some awards that are given annually do not have a 2011 recipient. 

Dr. Isaac Prilleltensky - Community Well Being: Socialize or Social-Lies

The winner of the 2010 Distinguished Contributions to Theory and Research Award: Isaac Prilleltensky