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Call for Fellows is now Open

Call for SCRA Fellows

SCRA seeks to recognize a variety of exceptional contributions that significantly advance the field of community research and action including, but not limited to, theory development, research, evaluation, teaching, intervention, policy development and implementation, advocacy, consultation, program development, administration and service. A SCRA Fellow is someone who provides evidence of “unusual and outstanding contributions or performance in community research and action.” Fellows show evidence of (a) sustained productivity in community research and action over a period of a minimum of five years; (b) distinctive contributions to knowledge and/or practice in community psychology that are recognized by others as excellent; and (c) impact beyond the immediate setting in which the Fellow works.

We encourage SCRA members from diverse backgrounds to apply and send the call to other candidates. We embrace the values of diversity, equity, and inclusiveness in our nomination and selection process and will be proactive in our outreach.


Resources for APA Fellow Applicants

You may also apply for APA fellow status at the same time.

1. How to apply for APA Fellow

2. Suggestions for APA Fellow Application Presentation

3. Instructions for Initial Fellow Applicants

4. Sample Fellows Endorsement Letter


SCRA Fellow Materials

If you are planning on applying for Fellow status please review the SCRA Fellows Criteria.

Applications for Initial Fellow status must include the following materials:  

1.   A 2-page Uniform Fellow Application (completed by the nominee); 

2.    3 to 6 endorsement letters written by SCRA members in the field who can identify your strengths in the area of Community Psychology. Note that in order to apply for APA fellowship you will need to have at least 3 letters of endorsement from current APA Fellows.

3.   Supporting materials, including a vita with refereed publications marked with an “R,” and 

4.   A nominee’s self-statement setting forth her/his accomplishments that warrant nomination to Fellow Status.

SCRA members who are Fellows of other APA divisions should also apply for SCRA Fellow status if they have made outstanding contributions to community research and action. Fellows of other APA divisions should send to the Chair of the Fellows Committee Bill Neigher ( a statement detailing their contributions to community research and action, 3-6 letters of support, and a vita.

It is highly recommended, but not required that applicants receive mentoring from SCRA Fellows. Please review the list of SCRA fellows here

Nomination Process: Complete nominations should be submitted electronically by December 15th 2022 to  Please cc. Bill Neigher ( and Amber Kelly ( on email. 


Top 3 Recommendations for Applicants


  1. In addition to the required “self-statement,” draft a “Case in Brief” in bullet points—less is more here. You are addressing your qualifications to meet the Fellow criteria: evidence of “unusual and outstanding contributions or performance in community research and action.”  Good to have colleagues lend a critical eye to both here. You will share this with your references along with other materials [CV, links to your work on the web, etc.] to help them quickly focus on what they need to comment on.
  2. Choose references who know you and/or your accomplishments well; OK to pick some references [3-6] who can address specific accomplishments and not everything you’ve done.
  3. Include validation by others—awards, recognition, work citations, social media analytics, and others that add value to defining your contributions to “research and action. 

Support Sessions for Applicants

There will be two sessions to discuss the application process and provide support to potential applicants. 

November 9th and December 7th @ 6pm EST  

Zoom Info:

Web access: 

Phone: 1-408-638-0968 (US Toll) 

Meeting ID: 375 758 797

The code is 138590

Support Session Recordings 

November 9th Session 

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