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Benefits Include:

  • Acccess to The Community Psychologist, which contains the latest news from SCRA's leadership and members, as well as opportunities for professional development and collaboration;
  • A subscription to the American Journal of Community Psychology (a $280 value) and online access to all current and past issues;
  • A reduced rate (75% off) for an individual subscription to the Journal of Prevention and Intervention in the Community;
  • Reduced membership dues for members of The Global Alliance for Behavioral Health and Social Justice ( (see details below);
  • Involvement in formal and informal meetings at regional and national conferences;
  • Participation in Interest Groups, Councils and Committees;
  • Access to SCRA listservs for active and continuous interaction about resources and issues in community research and action;
  • Access to the members section of the SCRA website, which includes resources for teaching, practice, research, and policy; employment information; notices of regional conferences; links to international community psychology organizations; and member blogs;
  • Access to the online Membership Directory which features hundreds of contacts right at your fingertips;
  • Opportunities for students to be active participants. (e.g., Representatives on the Executive Committee, Student Regional Coordinators, presentations at regional Eco-Community conferences, members of the Editorial Board of the AJCP, contributors to TCP, the society newsletter);
  • Access to unique student benefits, e.g., travel awards to biennial conferences, scholarships to support students on their research projects, dissertation awards recognizing outstanding student contributions;
  • Opportunities for on-going professional development (e.g., individual and group mentoring, trainings, and consultation via an early career listserv). 

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Global Alliance members must contact to receive their discounted membership rate.

Types of Membership Membership Dues Global Alliance Member Dues
SCRA US Membership: Psychologists and people from related disciplines such as psychiatry, social work, sociology, anthropology, public health, and political science, including teachers, researchers, and activists. $75.00 $40.00
SCRA International Membership: Non-US Members. $40.00 $35.00
SCRA Student Membership: Graduate students in psychology and related disciplines. $30.00 $25.00
SCRA Senior Membership: must be 65 or over, retired, and a member of SCRA/Div 27 for 20 years. $15.00  
SCRA Undergrad Membership: Available to any current undergraduate student and any recent (within a year) graduate who has not entered graduate school. Both US and International students are eligible. two years, $15.00  
SCRA Early Career Membership: Available to individuals for the first consecutive three years after obtaining a terminal degree. If individual has accepted one-year gift membership, Early Career Membership term is limited to two years. Both US and International graduates are eligible. $45.00 $35.00
SCRA 12-month New Graduate Gift Membership : Membership must be activated within six months after graduation with a terminal degree. Following the gift membership year, you are eligible for two years of an Early Career Membership, a discounted membership with electronic publication access only. If you are eligible, please email and request access to the Gift Membership application.  $0  
SCRA Lifetime Membership: For US or International long-term members who would like to pay dues at one time. This membership will not expire. $1500.00  
Student Associate Membership: This is a FREE membership for undergraduate students only. This membership does not include access to AJCP or Biennial Registration. Please use this form to register for this membership.   $0  

Print Delivery of AJCP Discontinued!

As of winter, 2019, Wiley will no longer be providing print copies of AJCP. All regular members of SCRA will still be able to access AJCP through our website.