Reimbursement Form


Important! The APA released new reimbursement and travel reimbursement forms in 2023. Those new forms are linked on this page. Do not use any old versions of these forms. 


ALSO - since March 18, 2020, APA has had no ability to write checks for payment due to COVID.  To receive a payment you will need to complete and submit an ACH form with your disbursement form to allow direct deposit (except for international payments that can be made via wire transfer, incurring a $20 wire fee). 


How to get reimbursed from SCRA

SCRA funds are available for approved reimbursement of travel expenses, other approved expenses, or grant awards.  There is a different procedure for each of these three categories. Please note that all requests for disbursement and accompanying forms must be sent to the Treasurer. Do NOT submit forms directly to APA.


  1. Please review the Read_SCRA_Travel Guidelines before you travel and before you submit for reimbursement.
  2. Complete the Travel_Expense_Reimbursement_Form_.v2023.xlsx
  3. You do NOT need to provide a signature. You can just type your name on the Travel Expense Form.
  4.  Gather all your receipts for travel and scan them.  You can take photos of the receipts with your phone (make sure they are legible), copy the photos into a document, and then annotate the document to make sure the purpose of each expense is clear. Make sure the receipts match the numbers you enter on the form, and that the expenses are no greater than the Federal per diem rates (see below). Email the Travel Expense Form in the original Excel format and all scanned receipts to the   SCRA Treasurer.

You are responsible for keeping all the original receipts until you receive payment. This is true even if your travel does not exceed the applicable per diem rate.



This category includes instances in which you have paid for something that benefits SCRA and you are then to be reimbursed for it.  Examples of this might be if you were asked to purchase supplies for the Biennial, or if you purchase food for a SCRA reception. Follow the same instructions as for travel expenses (see above), but use The Disbursement/Reimbursement Form must be sent in the original Excel format. Do not print and/or convert it to a pdf.

In addition to the amount requested, please make sure you look at and complete the highlighted sections as needed.  Please complete the Name, Address, Phone section; then place an X in the boxes as appropriate – if you have included a W8 or W9 form; if you have included copies of receipts/invoices; if you are requesting a wire transfer and have included the wire transfer form included in the instructions; if your payment set up for direct deposit via current or prior submission of an ACH form.

If you were asked to make the purchase by an officer or an organizer of the conference, please copy that person when you send in the Disbursement/Reimbursement form. If the purchase is not part of your normal duties, please describe in the email why you should be reimbursed.

DISBURSEMENTS FOR GRANT AWARDS (e.g., policy grants, community mini-grants, CEP grants, CERA grants, Research Council grants, student research awards)

Note: It is SCRA policy to pay no more than 80% of the total amount of a grant up front, with the remaining 20% paid when the project is completed and required reporting is submitted and approved.

SCRA grantees are encouraged to have payments issued to their employer/institution or other organization to avoid having the funds be considered taxable income and then needing to pay taxes on the funds. However, if that is not feasible, then payments can be issued to the individual grantee directly. In that case, the individual grantee must choose one of the following three options:

Payments can be issued to the individual grantee directly. In that case, the individual grantee must choose one of the following three options:

  1. Receive 80% of the payment up front (and the remainder at the completion of the project) and submit a W-9 (see below) with the request for payment.  The grantee will then receive a 1099 tax form for the amount of the award from APA at the end of the year. You could then subtract any expenses associated with the award on your tax return to avoid paying taxes on income that was not really yours.  
  2. Receive 80% of the payment up front (and the remainder at the completion of the project), provide a W-9, and then submit receipts for expenses with your Reimbursement/Disbursement form. APA would then issue a 1099 only for the amount of the award not substantiated with receipts
  3. Not receive payment up front, but apply for reimbursement of expenses periodically after they occur.  No W-9 is required nor will a 1099 be provided (except for individuals who were paid $600 or more for their work). 

Note: APA does not submit W-9 forms to the IRS if the total amount paid to an individual is under $600; however APA still needS the signed W-9 for their records. 

In any case, when payment is requested of SCRA, the grantee must complete the APA Disbursement/Reimbursement Form. In addition, all grantees must include a W-9 (see below), and an ACH form either for themselves (if using one of the options above) or for their institutions for the first payment made to them (subsequent requests for payment do not require W-9 or ACH forms). For grants, put the amount of the requested disbursement on line 27, Grants to Other Organizations, account #58020. For stipends, use the “Honorarium and Stipends” line. The Disbursement/Reimbursement Form must be sent in the original Excel format. Do not print and/or convert it to a pdf.

Grantees must email the forms to the Grant Administrator of the committee or council awarding the grant (similarly for stipends). The Grant Administrator is responsible for ensuring that the request for payment is justified and is completed correctly, including the name and address of the grantee or recipient of the funds (e.g., employer or university) and needed W-9 and ACH are included and completed correctly. The Grant Administrator will then forward the forms to the SCRA Treasurer for processing (disbursement requests coming directly from the grantee will NOT be accepted). If options 2 or 3 above are chosen, you must include digital copies of all receipts in your email. The grantee is responsible for keeping the original receipts. Grant administrators are responsible for ensuring that all the needed documentation (e.g., signed W-9, receipts labeled with the reason for the expense) is included with the completed disbursement form before sending the materials to the Treasurer. The grant administrator, when sending the request to the Treasurer, is indicating that s/he has carefully reviewed the request and that the grantee has completed all of the requirements for that payment.  Grant administrators are expected to carefully review final reports and attest that the grantee has fully met the requirements for payment.


Travel expenses for international members –

Follow the same instructions as above for travel expenses. Currently, wire transfers are the only means for providing funding to our international members unless they have a US bank account. For wire transfer payments, you should include the completed “International Wire Transfer” form with your request. Note that your payment will be reduced by the $20 wire transfer payment that APA requires.

Other (non-travel) approved expenses –

Follow the same instructions as above for non-traveled approved expenses - A completed “International Wire Transfer” form should be included with your disbursement form.

For grants –

Follow the same instructions as above for grantees.  However, substitute the W-8BEN Form for the W-9 (for individuals, organizations should use the W-8EXP Form Foreign Tax Exempt Entities, using these instructions for that form). Include the completed “International Wire Transfer” form with your request. The cost of the wire transfer ($20) will be deducted from your award.


Due to COVID, APA will not write you a check, but instead will only directly deposit your reimbursement to your bank account if you have a US bank account; if you live outside the US, then wire transfers are your only option for payment. Just complete the ACH Form or “International Wire Transfer”  form and include that form with your reimbursement request. 


If you need to submit a W-9, use this link to download the form:

A 1099 is a tax form issued by a non-employer to a recipient indicating the amount of payment received by the recipient for the year – which the recipient can then use to determine his/her tax liability.