Other Community Psychology Books

Interested in learning more? Below is a list of books authored by community psychologists covering a variety of topics related to community psychology. 

This list may be searched by title, author/editor, year of publication or publisher. 

If are an SCRA member and have a book you would like added to this list please email a pdf flyer describing the book to web@scra27.org

Recent OER Texts:


Case Studies in Community Psychology Practice: A Global Lens https://press.rebus.community/communitypsychologypractice/

Introduction to Community Psychology: Becoming an Agent of Change https://press.rebus.community/introductiontocommunitypsychology/


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Below is a list of books for which we do not yet have flyers.

If you have a pdf flyer for one of these books please email it to web@scra27.org

Bond, M. (2007). Workplace chemistry: Promoting diversity through organizational change. Hanover, NH: University Press of New England. 

Bond, M. A., Serrano-Garcia, I. & Keys, C. (Eds.).  Handbook of community psychology Volume 1: Theoretical foundations. core concepts, and emerging challenges. Washington, D.C.: APA Press. Forthcoming. 

Bond, M. A., Serrano-Garcia, I. & Keys, C. (Eds.) with B. Shinn (Associate Ed. for Research Methods).  Handbook of community psychology Volume 2: Methods of community psychology in research and applications. Washington, D.C.: APA Press. Forthcoming.

Brown, L. D. (2012). Consumer-run mental health: Framework for recovery. N.Y.: Springer.

Brown, L. D. & Wituk, S.A. (Eds.). (2010). Mental health self-help: Consumer and family initiatives. N.Y.: Springer.

Casey, E. & Watkins, M. (2014). Up against the wall: Re-imagining the U.S.-Mexico border. Austin, TX.: University of Texas Press.

Corlew, L. K. (2012). The cultural impacts of climate change: Sense of place and sense of community in Tuvalu, a country threatened by sea level rise. North Charleston, S.C.: CreateSpace.

Corlew, L. K. & Waugh, C. G. (2014).  Psychology: A literary introduction. South China, ME: Sam Teddy Publishing.

Fetterman, D. M., Kaftarian, S. J. & Wandersman, A.(Eds.). (2014). Empowerment Evaluation 2. Thousand Oaks: Sage.

Harkins, D. A. with Ray, S., Sharicz, C., Doppler-Bourassa, E., Austin, M., Ronayne, M., Mehta, C., Nguyen, J. &

Pimental-Eye, J. (2013). Beyond the campus: Building a sustainable university-community partnership.  Charlotte, N.C.: Information Age Publishing.

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Neal, Z. (2013). The connected city: How networks are shaping the modern metropolis. N.Y.: Routledge.

Neal, Z. (Ed.) (2015). The handbook of applied systems science. N.Y.: Routledge.

The Immigration Rights Committee, PUEBLO (2008). In the shadow of paradise: The experiences of the undocumented community in Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara: CA.: PUEBLO Education Fund.

Viola, J. & McMahon, S. D. (2010). Consulting and evaluation with community based organizations: Tools and strategies to start & build a practice. Boston: Jones & Bartlett Publishers.

Wolff, T. (2010). The power of collaborative solutions: Six principles and effective tools for building healthy communities.  San Francisco, CA.:  Jossey-Bass/Wiley.