Volume 55, Number 4 Fall 2022

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Education Connection

Edited by Mason G. Haber, Lamplighter Evaluation and Consulting, LLC and William James College

Educational Materials and Knowledge Sharing Initiative

Written by Julia Dancis, University of Washington, Tacoma

The Knowledge Hub is here! Thank you to everyone who has contributed their educational resources (e.g., syllabi, readings, activities, videos, slides) to share with the SCRA community. Shared educational resources can be found here

Resource Highlight. For this issue of TCP, we’d like to highlight an online resource to support youth-led participatory action research (YPAR), which can be accessed here


Community Futures, Community Lore is a free online resource to support youth participatory action research (YPAR). Faculty-members, staff and students associated with the UC Davis Center for Regional Change and School of Education developed this website and toolkit, with input from community advisors. The materials are based on three decades of work by the Intercultural Oral History Project, Community LORE, Youth In Focus, and the UC Davis Center for Regional Change Putting Youth on the Map program.

For questions about this resource, please contact Brandon Louie at: or the website PI, Dr. Nancy Erbstein at:

Contribute to the SCRA Knowledge Hub! Do you have educational resources to share with the community? Use this Google Form to upload your resource:

Knowledge Share Events. We are launching a series of knowledge share events in the fall called, Knowledge Hub Brown Bags: Education Practice in the Spirit of Community Psychology. In this monthly virtual event, community-oriented educators and facilitators will share educational resources with the SCRA community. For more information on event topics, see

For questions regarding this article or the Knowledge Hub, please contact Julia Dancis @