Volume 52   Number 4 Fall 2019

Regional Network News 

Edited by Christina Smith, University of Chicago and National Louis University – Regional Network Coordinator

News from the Western Region U.S.


Written by Greg Townley, Portland State University; Mariah Kornbluh, California State-Chico; and Rachel Hershberg, University of Washington-Tacoma

West Region Meet-Up at the SCRA Biennial

The West Region was well-represented at the 2019 SCRA Biennial Conference with over 150 presenters from academic settings, organizations, and communities in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington. We were very happy to be able to join together as a region over lunch on Friday, June 28, where we welcomed new members and discussed plans for the 2019 Community Research and Action in the West (CRA-W) conference hosted by Portland State University (see details below).

2019 CRA-W Announcement

We are excited to announce the 2019 Community Research and Action in the West (CRA-W) conference hosted by Portland State University in Portland, OR on Friday, October 25, 2019. Our conference theme is Bridges not Walls: Connecting Communities through Research and Action. This conference is organized annually by graduate students and faculty in the region as a means for sharing research in progress, reflections on community research and action projects, dialogues on contemporary issues in social research, and issues of diversity and social justice. Please see the conference website for the call for proposals and registration instructions (, and email us with any questions at  We look forward to seeing you at the conference! 

News from the Midwest Region U.S.


Edited by Melissa Ponce Rodas, Andrews University; and Tonya Hall, Chicago State University 

“Hey, Midwest SCRA! You Are Looking Good!”

Written by Tonya Hall, Chicago State University

You may be wondering about what is currently occurring with SCRA in the Midwest. SCRA members in the Midwest U.S. Region are currently progressively and successfully conducting their work focused on SCRA community psychology tenets and domains of activity including practice, research, policy, and education ( Moreover, they are keeping other members and the public abreast to and addressing the issues important to society. In addition, SCRA members are actively networking, collaborating, and socializing with one another! We are family even when gently taking social action via educational opportunities to admonish one another in an effort to spur change and heal past hurt among members so they we may continue to grow and flourish in a positive cohesive direction while taking heed to who we are and what we stand for such as celebrating culture, reducing oppression, fighting for social justice, working for empowerment, preventing harm, and honoring human rights ( 

For example, the Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA, Division 27 of the American Psychological Association) 17th Biennial Conference, Making an Impact: Ecological Praxis: System Complexity, Cycle of Action, and Extending our Metaphors with the Natural World, was held at National Louis University in Chicago, Illinois on June 26 through June 29, 2019. It was well attended with just over 900 conference presenters and attendees including community members and those not affiliated with community psychology but wanting to know about the field. Researchers offered presentations, symposia, round tables, and poster sessions that reflected their work including various collaborations. 

Kudos to the many students who presented outstanding research presentations and posters! SCRA attendees also participated in social events during the Biennial such as a tour of the Art Institute of Chicago exhibit of Manet’s late works, dinner off campus, and an array of small group engagements for lunch and in classroom after presentations of those conducting similar work.


Picture #1: SCRA Midwest Representatives

Are you a SCRA member who resides or works in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, or Wisconsin and missed having lunch and checking in with your SCRA Midwest representatives and newly elected Regional Network Coordinator (See Picture # 1) as well as other SCRA members from the Midwest (See Picture #2) at the Biennial brown bag networking session, An Informal Gathering with the SCRA Midwest Regional Coordinators” on Wednesday, 6/26/19 at 12:00? If so, contact Tonya Hall ( and let us Coordinators know about your goals and accomplishments in community psychology so that your work may highlighted as well.


Picture #2: SCRA Members from the Midwest

If you missed presenting your work at the Biennial or have new research findings to share, then the Midwest is exactly where you want to be! Both the 43rd Midwest ECO and SCRA-affiliated meeting as a part of the 92nd Midwestern Psychological Association conferences are currently accepting conference proposal submissions. 

Midwestern Eco Conference 2019

The Midwestern ECO Conference invites you to engage in dialogue around your research, evaluation, theoretical, and action projects at our 2019 event Strengthening the Village: The Global Implications of Social Solidarity.  

Location: National Louis University, Lisle Campus 

Dates: October 18-19, 2019 


This is a graduate student run conference, hosted by National Louis University, that is designed to encourage dialogue among all related to the work of community psychology, whether students, practitioners, research scientists, community partners, and those from allied disciplines. This conference is designed to promote critical dialogue about and within the field to explore our varied roles as community change agents. While not all of our community psychology engagement is global, it all has global implications. Therefore, the conference theme of Strengthening the Village: The Global Implications of Social Solidarity asks groups to connect their diverse interests to our sense of togetherness and universality.  

Special priority will be given to the following topics:

  • The Sharing of Power

  • Indigenous Resources

  • Citizen Participation

  • Social Justice/Activism

  • Critical Reflexivity

  • The Radiating Impact of Community Work

All sessions will be designed using a village dialogue circles format. This format involves a 45-minute session around topics where the lead will facilitate using set questions as needed. Presenters are asked to give a brief introduction and encourage open-ended deliberative discussion with attendees. You may use this space to discuss research ideas, present findings, explore new topics, and many other ideas you may have.

The Midwestern Eco Conference will provide an additional opportunity to submit to engage in Ignite Poster Sessions. The goal of this innovative poster session is to allow attendees an opportunity to learn about a variety of topics in a short period of time. It also allows presenters the opportunity to engage with people who might not have otherwise visited their poster. Essentially, the ignite poster sessions have attendees clustered evenly in front of each poster. Each presenter is given five to seven minutes to present their poster and two minutes for Q&A. A bell is rung, and the groups move to the next poster. The rotation schedule allowed all the attendees to hear about all the posters. Presenters are encouraged to bring a handout or fact sheet to help with questions and contact information.

Accepting Applications for Midwest Coordinators

SCRA Midwest is currently accepting applications for SCRA Midwest Regional Coordinators (RCS) and SCRA Midwest Student Regional Coordinators (SRCS). If you are interested in volunteering for one of these positions, feel free to contact Tonya Hall.