Volume 53, Number 4 Fall 2020

From the Editor  

Susan_Wolfe.pngIt’s hard to believe that this is already my final issue as Editor of The Community Psychologist. The past three years have seen some changes. Our biggest change was that we went to an online/emailed PDF format. While many people (me included) mourned the loss of that paper version coming in the mail, there were more benefits than drawbacks. We saved SCRA some money that could be put to better use. The greatest drawback to the printed version was that we had page limits. After we removed them, we were able to accept more articles from members.

I’ve been a member of SCRA and received TCP for many years now. I always looked forward to browsing through each issue when it arrived. As editor, I had to carefully read through all the articles that were submitted. I learned so much from each one of them, that in the future I will continue to read every article.

As my editorship comes to an end, I’m a little sad, but optimistic. After working with Dominique Thomas for the past three years, I know TCP will be in good hands. I am excited to hand this off to Dr. Dominique Thomas and Dr. Allana Zuckerman, the new Associate Editor, as I turn my focus to my role as President Elect.


Susan M. Wolfe

TCP Editor