Volume 53, Number 4 Fall 2020

Regional Network News

Submitted by Regional Coordinators

News from the Midwest Region U.S.


Tonya Hall, Chicago State University

Maintaining A Sense of Community in the Age of a Pandemic

Tonya Hall, Chicago State University

Community psychologists are adept at facilitating strong collaborations among various groups within the community with a common goal of resolving social problems that ail and concern society. Several months ago, COVID-19 ushered in an era of social distancing, increased feelings of isolation, wearing face masks, and quarantining within our homes often away from our offices, extended family members, friends, colleagues, and those receiving assistance. All of which may serve to hamper not only our sense of community but our sense of belonging, which could serve to put a damper on our overall well-being. In-person conferences where community psychology academicians, researchers, students, and community members regularly gather to share and hone novel ideas, network and socialize almost seem antiquated as the pandemic barrels into the future. How are community psychologists to effectuate change in the current environment particularly with marginalized groups when restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic abound and persist with seemingly no end in sight? For now, the answer is to utilize, maximize, and master the tools of online platforms and application such as GoToMeeting and Zoom to have meetings, host virtual conferences, and simply stay connected with one another.  

The good news is that whether you reside in the Midwest or if you live in a different region you currently have the opportunity to connect with other SCRA Midwest members in several upcoming virtual events that you do not want to miss including the Midwest Eco Community Psychology conference and the Midwestern Psychological Association/SCRA conference.

The 44th Midwest Ecological Community Psychology Conference 2020

The SCRA Midwest U. S. region includes the following States: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, and South Dakota. For the past several years, Midwest ECO conferences have primarily been located within the beautiful Metropolitan area of Chicago, Illinois. Students from schools such as DePaul University, University of Illinois, and National Louis University have often spearheaded the Midwest Eco conferences and spurred us into action to present our work often informally, up close and personal, and followed by supper together. Faculty advisors have supported students’ efforts by serving as conference hosts who handled all fiscal matters and secured conference sites. Well, this year, SCRA Midwest, we are leaving Chicago in a sense and heading far north to the Twin Cities! Autumn Kirkendall, a community psychology graduate student at the University of Cincinnati and a team of her peers are working arduously and doing an excellent job of preparing to host the “Midwest Eco Conference: Promoting Environmental & Social Justice through Community Research and Action

This Midwest Eco Conference will be held virtually via Zoom on Saturday, October 24, 2020 from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CST. Although the conference proposal submission deadline has passed, stay tuned for conference registration information on the Midwest Eco conference website ( or contact the conference sponsors and faculty advisors, Dr. August Hoffman at Metropolitan State University ( ) or Dr. Stephen Stelzner at the College of Saint Benedict St. John’s University (

The 93rd Annual Midwestern Psychological Association/SCRA-Affiliated Conference

The MPA/SCRA annual conference is typically held for one day at the Palmer House Hilton Chicago followed by dinner at Exchequer Restaurant, which received the “Best Chicago Style Pizza” USA Today award in 2019. This conference is also scheduled to be held virtually next year on Friday, April 23, 2021.  The conference paper submission deadline is Wednesday, November 4, 2020. For more information, visit the MPA website ( or contact Dr. Michael Bernstein at ( If you are interested in serving as a conference proposal reviewer, contact Dr. Tonya Hall at ( by Friday, October 2, 2020 to obtain additional details.

SCRA Midwest Regional Coordinator & Student Coordinator Applications

SCRA Midwest is currently accepting applications to fill the vacancies for SCRA Midwest Regional Coordinators (RCS) and SCRA Midwest Student Regional Coordinators (SRCS). If you are interested in supporting SCRA, seeing that it continues to thrive in the Midwest, serving in one of these roles, and obtaining a job description, contact Dr. Tonya Hall at ( for more information.

News from the Southeast Region U.S.


Wing Yi Chan, RAND Corporation and Elan Hope, North Carolina State University

2020 Southeast ECO Conference

Changing Tides: Empowering Communities & Challenging Systemic Injustice

Georgia State University & Morehouse College – Online

October 16-17, 2020

This conference is organized by graduate students. The goal is to share knowledge relative to community psychology and related fields by connecting students, researchers, community members, and scientists to share experiences in an effort to reduce social inequalities and empower marginalized communities. These goals are more salient than ever as public health and social justice waves awash our communities.

Changing Tides aims to focus first and foremost on:

  1. Individual and Community Wellness
  2. Fighting Oppression
  3. Reducing Social Inequalities
  4. Empowerment.

We believe this is possible by sticking to the values of Community Psychology (CP):

  1. Action-Oriented Research
  2. Empirical Grounding
  3. Community Collaborations
  4. Capacity Building
  5. Setting Analysis

Presentations will be mixed recorded and live. Formats will include presentations (posters, oral, symposia), discussions (roundtable, mentorship chats), and additional innovative sessions.

News from the Western Region U.S.


Rachel Hershberg, University of Washington Tacoma; Erin Rose Ellison, California State University-Sacramento

Hello from your West Region Coordinators for the Society for Community Research and Action! This year, Erin Rose Ellison, California State University- Sacramento, has joined me, Rachel M. Hershberg, University of Washington Tacoma, as a co-coordinator for the region. We want to give a big thank you to Greg Townley-Portland State University, for his leadership for several years. Greg was instrumental in organizing the last two regional conferences and in bringing folks from our region together at the last biennial.

This year, there is no regional SCRA conference for the West region, but we did want to alert folks to the conference that will be held by the Western Psychological Association. Details are below. Please contact us here

If there are any events of conferences you would like folks in our region to be made aware of or to learn more about our regional work in SCRA. Thank you!

Rachel M. Hershberg & Erin Rose Ellison

2021 WPA Convention: Submission Information

The 2021 submission window will open on October 1, 2020. Submissions will be due by December 1, 2020.

 Thank you for supporting opportunities for psychology students, and faculty and practitioners, throughout the West through WPA!

 Kris Leppien-Christensen, Ph.D.

Executive Officer

Western Psychological Association

Phone: (855) WPA-INFO (972-4636)


News from the International Regions

The international Regions include Asia, Australia/New Zealand/South Pacific, Canada, Europe/Middle East/Africa, and Latin America

Europe/Middle East/Africa

Regional Coordinators: Serdar Degirmencioglu, FernUniversitat; José Ornelas, Instituto Universitário; Catarina Arcidiacono, Federico II University; Julia Halamova, Comenius University

We are happy to invite you to the following joint events:

7th Conference and Workshop in Community Psychology in Slovakia 2020

The goal of the conference and workshop is to provide time and space for both researchers and practitioners from various areas of community psychology in Europe so they can meet, present their work and research, inspire each other, and enjoy socializing together.

Organisation: Institute of Applied Psychology at Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences at Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia, European Community Psychology Association (ECPA), and The Society for Community and Action Research (SCRA) Division 27 American Psychological Association.

Conference and workshop dates: 30th November - 1st December, 2020 (9.00-16.00)

Conference and workshop language: English and Slovak (please, prepare your presentation in English in both cases)

Conference and workshop fees: No fee (free access)

The proceedings from the conference will be published in electronic form with ISBN. The deadline for the submission of the conference papers is November 8th, 2020 ( in order to be reviewed and published online prior the conference.

The scientific presentations from the conference are encouraged to be submitted in form of the articles into Human Affairs journal

More information: Place: online (please, check your emails prior the conference)

Contact person: Martina Baránková, 00421911278474,