Volume 52   Number 2 Spring 2019

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Susan M. Wolfe, Susan Wolfe and Associates, and Dominique Thomas, University of Michigan,

In January 2018 The Community Psychology, Liberation Psychology, and Ecopsychology Specialization at Pacifica Graduate Institute was poised to host the Community Research and Action in the West (CRA-W) conference. The theme was Deconstructing Coloniality / Creating Decoloniality in Community Psychology. Unfortunately, the conference was canceled after unprecedented flooding following wildfires. While we were grateful that the Pacifica Graduate Institute campus was spared, we were saddened by the tragic disaster surrounding the campus and disappointed that this exciting opportunity to delve into decoloniality was lost to us. As a response, we invited the faculty and students who had worked hard to organize this conference to submit a special feature to TCP. In this issue we are eager to present the amazing and thought-provoking set of articles they assembled. We hope TCP readers find them as engaging as we did.

Our column editors and members have all come up with a great set of articles, too. After you read them, here are some ideas to follow up with:

1.     Respond to the invitation and get involved with the SCRA Community Psychology Practice Council. Tune in to one of the Conversations that Raise Your Practice Game.

2.     Examine your own perceptions of formerly incarcerated individuals after reading the Criminal Justice column.

3.     If you are doing some work in rural settings, contact Susana Helm and share it.

4.     Write and contribute a column to the From our Members section. Better yet, if you are faculty working with students on a project or a practitioner working with earlier career folks, collaborate with them to write an article.

5.     Share your good news regarding promotions, new jobs, and other milestones reach for our Member Spotlight column.

6.     Send an email and congratulate the SCRA Award winners.

We would like to encourage all SCRA members to get more involved. SCRA’s offers many avenues to engage at different levels. You can participate regionally by attending your regional conference, volunteering to be a regional representative, and participating in SCRA conference calls.

As we finish putting this issue together, we reflect on how much fun it is to serve in the Editor role. Mostly because four times a year we get to read through all the amazing articles that are shared by SCRA members. As Editors, we have to read everything, and this presents an opportunity to read about topics we may not normally select. Each issue opens a new world and reminds us of all the great work being done by SCRA members. It also demonstrates just how much can be done with a degree in community psychologist. Next time someone asks you “what do community psychologists do?” just send them a link to TCP.

Susan Wolfe and Dominique Thomas

Your Editors