Analyst for Research & Capacity Building at Community Science

Feb 06, 2015

Analyst for Research & Capacity Building
(Washington, DC Area)
Do you want to use knowledge to make a difference? Do you want to work on the most
important social issues of our time? Do you have a burning desire to learn more about how to
make change and what changes will really make a positive difference? If so, then this might be
the opportunity for you!

We are seeking a full-time Analyst to support research and technical assistance tasks for
national and local initiatives across the U.S. You will work with public agencies and non-profit
representatives, community leaders, evaluators, and others on federal, state, and foundation
initiatives. We will rely on your knowledge, skills, and experience in community development
and systems change to foster healthy communities, families, and children in order to address
social problems such as poverty, inadequate systems of care, homelessness, substance abuse,
violence, and crime. You must be well organized, have high standards for your work, and be
committed to scientific rigor and progressive social change through community capacity

·        Four years of experience in the implementation of research or evaluation of community
·         based or systems change projects, preferably on government contracts;
·         Master’s or doctoral degree in psychology, urban planning, sociology or other social
·         science;
·         Prior knowledge or research experience in at least one area of community change, e.g.,
·         housing and economic development, early childhood development, workforce
·         development, or juvenile justice. Evaluation capacity building experience highly
·         desirable;
·         Demonstrated proficiency in both qualitative and quantitative research skills, including
·         data collection and management;
·         Analysis skills, including the use of proficient computer analysis tools (e.g. STATA, MS
·         ACCESS or ArcGIS) ;
·         Ability to travel;
·         Strong communication (written and verbal) skills including publications in scientific or
·         practitioner outlets; and
·         Ability to multi-task, pay attention to detail, and meet strict deadlines

To Apply:
Send resume, writing sample (single authored), and references to:
Community Science - Analyst
438 North Frederick Avenue, Suite 315
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
Fax: (301) 519-0724
About Community Science
At Community Science, our mission is to develop and use the knowledge that can
change communities and other systems. Our group practice of social change professionals is
committed to building healthy, just, and equitable communities. We are strongly committed
to the professional development of our own community members. To learn more about
what it’s like to work at Community Science click here .
Community Science staff provide award winning services to government agencies,
foundations, non-profit organizations and community based organization such as: research and
technical assistance on community capacity building; evaluation technical assistance,
participatory research and learning evaluations; training and consultation on community
development, community building, and collaboration; and identification and replication of
successful community strategies.
Community Science is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to a culturally
diverse staff to enhance our ability to work with different communities.
Visit our website for a more detailed description of
our organization.
Connecting knowledge with social change
Community Science is a group practice of social change professionals who use knowledge to build healthy, just, and equitable communities.

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