Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank community development research position

Mar 15, 2020

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta is seeking a qualified researcher to join the research division’s Community and Economic Development (CED) department. The CED department connects to the Federal Reserve’s work on both monetary policy and banking supervision. The Atlanta Fed covers the states of Florida, Georgia Alabama, and parts of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

If you are interested or know of someone who may be, more information about this new position is available in the description and link below.

CED Advisor/Senior CED Advisor

The Atlanta Fed’s Community and Economic Development (CED) program seeks an Adviser or Senior Adviser to conduct rigorous applied research.

The program supports the Central Bank’s monetary policy and bank supervisory functions and works to foster economic mobility and resilience among low- and moderate-income communities in the Southeast. We do this by conducting research and creating data tools, engaging stakeholders, and tracking and elevating issues facing the Southeast’s lower-income residents.

The Adviser will develop and execute a research agenda with a focus on barriers to and solutions for increasing the economic mobility and resilience of low- and moderate-income households and communities, particularly in relation to systemic shocks and stresses that impact the Southeast. Particular areas of expertise might include, but are not limited to, access to credit, consumer borrowing, household financial security, and understanding the disparate impacts of natural, social, and/or economic hazards on underserved communities. The Adviser may also lead and collaborate with colleagues on research focused on housing and neighborhoods and workforce development.

The Adviser will be responsible for setting a research agenda, managing projects, producing research reports and tools, collaborating with other subject matter experts, and developing a network of partnerships in research and practice in order to influence policy in the Southeast. The Adviser will track community-level trends, identify emerging issues, inform policy responses, and understand systemic barriers and strategies to overcome these barriers. 

Research experience from one or more of the following subareas are desired: racial equity, inclusive urban/rural development, natural hazards, community resilience and adaptation, access to financial services and credit, fair lending, housing, and workforce development. Strong quantitative analysis and research design skills are desired. 

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