Teaching Community Psychology

Find resources for teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in community psychology and related areas of community research and action.

Updates to These Resources Coming August 2020! 

Here you can find:

We invite you to search through and use what is here; we also urge you to share your favorite resources. You can send materials to the Council on Education (COE) at coe@scra27.org. Please name the file with a descriptive title, your name, and the year, prior to sending, e.g. Community Psych Syllabus, (Joan Smith, 2014).

Looking for additional sources of teaching materials, or for online outlets to submit your materials for peer review and online dissemination? Here are two possibilities:

  • CES4Health  http://ces4health.info/: Disseminates peer-reviewed products, including teaching materials, of health-   related, community-engaged scholarship in forms other than journal articles.

Downloadable Resources for Teaching Community Psychology

Class Activities

This section contains resources for planning in-class teaching activities and discussions.

Class Projects and Papers

This section contains resources for planning course projects, papers, and assignments.

Community Service Learning

This section includes ideas for integrating community service learning with analysis of community and social issues.

Graduate Syllabi

Undergraduate Syllabi

Introducing CP in Introductory Courses

Video Resources

This section includes video/DVD resources for community-related courses.

Additional Teaching Resources: Journals, Websites and Books


Community Psychology Competencies 

Link to GJCPP special issue about Community Psychology Practice Competencies 

Link to TCP article about Community Psychology Competencies

Joint work with SCRA's practice council