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Take a look at the many ways you can get involved in SCRA. 

The best way to get involved with SCRA is through our Committees, Councils, and Interest Groups

We also recommend joining one of our listservs

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A strategic initiative is underway to increase broad awareness of community psychology (CP) and how we seek to advance social justice through research and action – but a few, part-time administrators at SCRA cannot accomplish this alone. We need YOUR help and we want to highlight YOUR work! Specifically, a new, public-facing website will showcase CP practice and translate research for non-academic audiences. The following are opportunities to support the visibility of CP during the biennial, and generate content for the new website. We can do this together!

  • Post on social media using the hashtag #commpsych
    • Live-tweet about the conference; also use #SCRA2017 
    • Share photos 
    • Describe CP practice and research 
  • Share your story on CP Careers Video Series 
    • Brief interviews (2-5 min) will ask CPs about their profession, including what they do and what their work seeks to achieve. 
    • In addition to broadly showcasing the work of CPs, these will be used specifically to illustrate to undergraduate students what a career in CP could mean for them
    • Sign up with Natalie Kivell 
  • Describe your work on the Social Change Podcast Series 
    • In-depth interviews (~45 min) will inquire about a social-justice-oriented project, article, theory, or idea. Established CPs and early career and students are invited to share! 
    • Brief interviews (2-5 min) will ask conference attendees about their experiences and the work they're sharing at the conference. 
    • Sign up with Natalie Kivell 
  • Share images from your community 
    • "Real" images can make the new website feel more authentic than stock photos. 
    • Images from your work that you have permission to use (e.g., those shared in presentations) would be an incredible asset for showcasing CP in action! 
    • Share your images and submit a release by contacting

Other Current Initiatives

Below are some SCRA projects that are in need of volunteers. 

Public Policy Position Statements

Work is about to begin on three new position statements and/or advocacy campaigns:

  • Mass Incarceration - discussing issues caused by current US policies that results in the highest prison incarceration rates in the world, led by Brad Olson;
  • Juvenile Justice - addressing the policies included in the US Juvenile Justice Reauthorization Act, led by Robin Jenkins and Jen Wollard;
  • Immigration Reform - presenting a community psychology policy prospective on US legislation on immigration and undocumented residents, led by Fabricio Balcazar.

Anyone wanting to assist in any of those efforts are welcome to contact Brad, Robin or Jen or Fabricio.

Community Psychology Practice Council (CPPC)

The Practice Council aims to expand the visibility, reach and impact of community psychology practice. We do this by offering opportunities for connection, support, and professional development within SCRA, as well as through graduate programs and other organizations and communities. 

Might you be interested in getting involved? It is easy. And we welcome you. Here are some ways you can help:

    • Every month, the CPPC has a scheduled conference call. Members from across the nation and internationally, call in to discuss goals and ongoing initiatives. If you are interested in joining us on a call, please click HERE 
  • Send a note to our blog
    • The Community Psychology Practice Blog highlights the work that is being done in Community Psychology, shares and connects with similar fields and provides advice both to students and those working on career development.
      Are you interested in sharing the work you’re doing, your thoughts or a case you read about? Please feel free to contact us and we will be more than glad to post it in the Blog.

  • Write for our monthly Bulletin THEory into ACTion
    • In order to communicate community practice knowledge to the widest possible audience, the Council publishes a monthly series of outreach bulletins. These bulletins are brief summaries of innovative community practice work, whose findings could be adapted and used by practitioners everywhere.

      To participate, all that’s needed is to write an article twice a year on an innovation topic of your choice, then distribute it to our mailing list. If you might be interested, please contact Bill Berkowitz; we’ll be glad to provide more details and support you in this work.

We welcome your own ideas, suggestions, and comments.  And we look forward to hearing from you.