About the Practice Council


To expand the visibility, reach and impact of community psychology practice through opportunities for connection, support and professional development in the Society for Community Research and Action, academic community research and action graduate programs, other professional organizations and communities.

The Practice Council work to create a legitimate community psychology practice. We do that by helping to:

  • define what it means by practice,
  • designate the required skills and competencies,
  • demonstrate effectiveness of our work,
  • increase opportunities to be seen as legitimate and acknowledged,
  • increase the visibility of CP practice and
  • provide individual and institutional support.




  1. Improve graduate education for Community Psychology Practice.
  2. Enhance the visibility of Community Psychology Practice within the field by increasing number of publications and conference presentations focused on Community Psychology Practice and related issues. 
  3. Engage in outreach efforts to those outside of SCRA, including members of allied fields, members of other divisions of APA, and the general public.
  4. Support the career development of Practitioners and the market for Community Psychology Practitioners. 
  5. Positively impact the communities we live and work in through the use of Community Psychology principles. 
  6. Advocate for organizational level actions within Division 27.


Past Council Chairs

Co-Web Managers

Alaa AldohKyrah Brown & Carlos Luis

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