Imagining the future of Community Psychology

Why wait until the biennial...Join us in imagining the future of Community Psychology right now, from the comfort of your computer or phone. Add your voice - nothing formal - just you, a keyboard, and potentially a camera. What will the field look like in 2065?

  • What are your hopes, dreams, and fears for us as a discipline? 
  • What continuing impact will we have on the communities we work with? 
  • How will our academic programs thrive and survive? 
  • How do we get there?

#CommPsych #in2065

Use the hashtags above to participate in what we hope will be a global
conversation cumulating in a "Visioning Session" in Lowell (Thursday, June 25th from 9am - 11:45am) sponsored by the Practice Council and the Council on Educational Programs (CEP).


Posted by Carlos Luis on
Along with parks, urban planners build spaces for neighbors to interact, reflect and take action on community issues, as it is an expectation for citizens to do so #CommPsych #In2065
Posted by Kyrah Brown on
Job Announcement Reads: "Degree in Community Psychology Preferred"
Posted by Rodrigo Rojas on
En 50 años más espero que la psicología comunitaria sea una disciplina consolidada en el ámbito de la salud y la educación. Me la imagino ocupando el primer lugar de los programas formativos de psicólogos y apareciendo como una materia imprescindible que dote de herramientas prácticas a los nuevos colegas.
Posted by Carlos Luis on
¡Muchas Gracias Rodrigo Rojas por tu comentario! Concuerdo contigo, creo que la Psicología Comunitaria tiene muchos aportes para la Salud y Educación, y que el trabajo que hagamos de difusión en los próximos años será fundamental en el reconocimiento de la disciplina. ¡En hora buena!
Posted by Bill Berkowitz on
... Building on its success in presidential and legislative elections over the past decades, the Community Party has been expanding its global reach, with the goal of bringing all people on Earth to work together on environmental and other global issues.
Posted by Carlos Luis on
Translation of Rodrigo Rojas's comment:

"In 50 years I hope that Community Psychology is a consolidated discipline in health and education. I imagine it as a first choice among the various psychology's programs, and as a must take course that provides practice tools for our new colleagues".
Posted by Nicole Freund on
Rodrigo makes an interesting point about the interdisciplinary nature of Community Psychology. Integrating multiple tools would do a lot to propel Community Psychology forward in the next 50 years. Should we think to create programs with that in mind? What say you?
Posted by Isidro Maya Jariego on
With an strong basis on sense of community (social cohesion) and empowerment (active participation), community psychology is contributing #In2065 to understanding more diverse and complex community dynamics... Community change is also inspired by such contributions...
Posted by Masterphype on
Community psychology challenges us to create spaces where those who have structurally been denied a voice in democracy can begin to build power for civic engagement. This mandate is of utmost importance because if there is a group that is systematically excluded from civil society, then this structural exclusion tends to breed injustice. Historically, community psychologists have engaged specific populations that fit this description, including those labeled as seriously mentally ill (e.g., Fairweather et al. 1969 ). More recently, researchers have also worked with those who are or have been incarcerated (Fine et al. 2003 ), recent immigrants (Solis 2003 ; Su rez-Orozco), those who are undocumented (Dominguez et al. 2009 ), and youth (Watts and Flanagan 2007 ). Children also fit this description.
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