Rural Interest Group


To promote awareness of rural issues through best practise, and to provide a network of communication for researchers, students and faculty, and community organizations to support action to foster the empowerment of rural communities.


  1. To share knowledge amongst students & faculty, researchers, and community organizations, creating and supporting a community of practice;
  2. To establish and maintain a networked system of open dialog, providing the scope for conversation on critical and contemporary rural issues;
  3. To promote global dialog across borders, sharing commonalities and differences across regions.

Get Involved:

  • Join our Listserv/Google Group by sending an email to
  • Participate in group discussions via zoom 
  • Contact our co-chairs about leading Rural IG activities 
  • Write for the rural interest group column in The Community Psychologist or contribute to the rural content posted on 
  • Share your research/practice/policy/resources with the Rural IG community


Please contact the Rural Interest Group's Co-Chairs Melissa Cianfrini and Suzanne Phillips with any questions.